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Wicked Eden & the Autonomy Project

Wicked Eden is operated by the Autonomy Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, focused on education and empowerment for the alternative sexuality community. 

Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive space where individuals can freely express their sexuality and gender identity without fear of discrimination, judgment, or violence.  We support the decriminalization of sex work, build safe spaces for the queer community, provide community for kink, sexual exploration, gender identity, and alternative lifestyles, celebrate diversity, eradicate racism and marginalization--and all of this while supporting the healthy exploration of sexuality.

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Are you looking to get involved in a community that supports and empowers those in the alternative lifestyle and sex work communities? At Wicked Eden, we rely on volunteers to help us create a safe and welcoming space for all. Join us today and become a part of something truly special.

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As a member, you will have access to exclusive events, workshops, and resources that will help you grow both personally and professionally. Your membership not only benefits you, but also supports our mission to create a more inclusive and just society for all.

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Our Mission

The Autonomy Project is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to fostering respect and empowering personal autonomy at the vibrant intersection of the LGBTQIA+, sex work, and alternative lifestyle communities.

We firmly believe that every individual possesses the inherent right to make choices that align with their bodies, identities, and lives. Our unwavering dedication lies in fostering an environment where this fundamental right is upheld and celebrated.

Within the realms of the Autonomy Project, we cultivate a safe and inclusive space that embraces the diverse tapestry of human experiences. We provide comprehensive educational programs, impactful workshops, and engaging events designed to empower and uplift those who have been marginalized and stigmatized by society. We wholeheartedly celebrate the rich diversity of our community, creating a sanctuary where individuals of all races, genders, sexualities, and abilities can converge in unity, celebrating both their differences and shared journeys.

We are resolute in our pursuit of reclaiming spaces and amplifying the voices of those who have been marginalized due to race, gender identity, involvement in sex work, alternative lifestyles, LGBTQIA+ identity, or simply their refusal to conform to society's narrow confines of normalcy. Through our collective efforts, we seek to dismantle oppressive systems, shatter societal barriers, and forge a path towards true equity and justice for all.

At the core of our mission, we recognize the profound significance of building strong and supportive communities for sex workers. We provide a vital platform where sex workers can come together, share their unique experiences, and forge connections that create a resilient support network. Through our unwavering commitment, we empower sex workers by equipping them with the knowledge, resources, and tools to make informed decisions about their work, advocate for their rights, and reclaim their autonomy.

While we acknowledge the progress we have made, we are acutely aware that there is still much work to be done. Countless individuals continue to face marginalization, discrimination, and the weight of societal judgment due to their sexuality. Many struggle to navigate their desires and live authentically in a world that often fails to understand or embrace their truths. We are committed to dismantling these barriers and empowering individuals to embrace their full potential, ensuring they have access to quality education, healthcare, and legal protections.

Join us on this transformative journey as we march towards a future where all individuals can live unabashedly as their authentic selves, supported by a robust network of resources and unwavering solidarity.

Together, we will create a world where personal autonomy reigns supreme and every voice, every story, and every experience is valued and celebrated.

We believe education should be accessible and obtainable for everyone and fight against gatekeeping in our communities.

We work hard to eradicate racism and marginalization by supporting marginalized members of our community through education and activism.

We seek to provide safe spaces for trans and gender nonconforming people along with community support and education about gender identity, sexual identity, and the evolving state of societal understanding.

We provide sex-positive education and promote healing, freedom, and connection between people by providing opportunities for growth and connection, in-person and online.

We believe that sex work is a valid occupation, and we are committed to fighting for decriminalization.

We believe the LGBTQIA+ community deserves safe spaces to explore their identities without fear of discrimination or marginalization.

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The Autonomy Project is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to foster respect and encourage personal autonomy at the intersection of LGBTQIA+, sex work, and alternative lifestyle communities.
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